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Worli is a locality in Mumbai city, Maharashtra. Historically it was spelled as Worlee, Warli and Varli. It was originally a separate island one among the Seven Islands of Bombay that was surrendered to England by the Portuguese in 1661. It was later connected to the other islands in 19th century. Worli as a part of South Mumbai extends from Prabhadevi to Haji Ali. Arabian Sea bounds it to the West, Mahalaxmi to the east, Haji Ali neighborhoods to the South and Prabhadevi to the North. Mahalaxmi railway station is the nearest to Worli neighborhoods, while Lower Parel and Prabhadevi are the nearest on the Western Line of Worli locality. On the Central Line, the nearest railway station is Bycalla railway stations and Curry Road, Parel which is the crossover from Prabhadevi station. Worli Sea-Face is now well connected with Western Suburbs after the commissioning of the Sea-link.

Worli has been among the busiest office localities in Mumbai since the late-1970. Shivsagar Estate which is situated on Dr Annie Besant Road was the first major development. The major companies to have properties in Worli were; TATA, HDFC Bank, GSK Pharma, Norvatis, Deloitte, Siemens, Yes Bank, CEAT and many more. Aditya Birla Group’s head office is located in Worli. The Worli Sea Link is the best hangout t for tourists. It is located adjacent to the beautiful Arabian Sea. It has a picturesque Sea Link. Worli Sea Face is the best alternative to Marine Driver which is usually crowded. One of the tallest structures in India known as Palais Royale is situated in this locality. The Sea Face is well adorned by modern architecture. It also gives you a chance to spend some time taking pleasure in the panoramic view of the city and the sea breeze.

During British reign in India, they established a great chronological monument which they named Worli Fort. Worli Fort is located in Worli, Maharashtra which is the great city of Mumbai. Mumbai is the prime location of India. Worli Fort is situated over the seven islands. It was used to watch the pirates in Mahim Bay. It is well located in the northern side of the town and has its own historical heritage. It was well planned and structured to guard the location from pirates attacks. The Worli Forti is located near the Bandra Worli Sea Link which makes it more visible. Although it is losing its value for lack of well developed access roads, tourists still visit it. They majorly go there to enjoy the sea view and its beauty from the hilltop. Worli Fort also gives tourists a better view of Mumbai bay. It also has a historical significance that attracts tourists. Therefore, a visit to Mumbai should be completed by visiting Worli Fort to witness its charm and brilliance.

Social life of Worli

Worli is a fast growing locality in Mumbai. There are various different tourist attraction sites in the area that plays a very important role in improving its social life. these tourist attraction sites include; Nehru Science Centre, Worli Sea Face, Worli Fort, Nehru Planetarium, Mariamma Devi Temple, Dhobi Ghat among others. The fast growth of Worli and its beauty has made it a frequent tourist destination. It’s never possible to have a fun filled trip in a foreign land without a companion. It for this reason, that many escort agencies have been set up in Worli to provide escort services to different people in that locality.

There are two major groupings of escorts, the Independent female escorts and female escorts who work under agencies. Independent female escorts tend to be more flexible in terms of time and services they offer compared to those escorts working under agencies. Independent escorts are also cheaper. However, it is quite a challenge to tell a good, disciplined and a proficient Independent female escort just by looking at their profile. For this reason, it is always advisable to work with escorts agencies available if it is your first time to deal with an escort. There are various escort agencies available in Worli and so, telling the right one might also be a challenge. However, going through their profile and looking at other client’s reviews will tell you a lot. Their first approach when you contact them can also work as a very good determiner of the services each agency offer.

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Getting a sensual, romantic experience

Although we thoroughly train our exceptional female escorts, we do not train them on personality matters. We always encourage them to be real and at their best. They also take pride in delivering a memorable, genuine experience. Our female escorts tailor the bookings to fit your needs. No two bookings are the same. The idea of our intended experience other than providing elegant company and emotional satisfaction, it is too slowly and erotically tease, seduce and arouse you to give a more fulfilling experience. Our female escort gives more than just sex. You can get this basic ‘service’ at a much lower cost elsewhere. We offer a specific kind of female escort service. We give you an exclusive female escort who will stimulate your body, mind and soul.

Possibilities with our female escort services

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Extra services offered by our escort

Some of our escorts offer services that are not charged extra money. However, they do this according to their own choice and merit depending on the kind of a relationship they have had with their client. For that reason, no one is allowed to coarse them into doing it. These extra services include; Erotic Massage Service, A-levels (Anal sex), Bisexual duo bookings and BDSM both dominant and submissive. Erotic massage service is usually given as part of foreplay to drive you crazy and prepare you for the task ahead.

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