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Wadala is a region in Mumbai. It is also spelt as Vadala. However, it was formerly spelt as Wuddala. Wadal road is a locality on the Harbor Line of Mumbai’s railway set-up. It has various renowned institutions and schools like The University Institute of Chemical Technology. This was formerly known as The University Department of Chemical Technology. Other institutions include; Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute,Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, South India Welfare Society (s.I.W.S), SNDT Women’s University, The University Department of Chemical Technology and many others. Wadala’s local college is SIWS which is located near the Wadala station.

Wadala houses one of the most renowned eye hospitals in India, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital along with the Ackworth Leprosy Hospital and the PBT Hospital. Ackworth Leprosy Hospital was founded during British rule. Part of its composite is now donated to an AIDS awareness institute as well. The methane generation plant set up in Ackworth hospital complex was the first in the world.

Brief history of Wadala

This village lies in one of Seven Islands of Bombay which were joined collectively to form the current Mumbai. The island previously had different names like Matunga, Dharavi, Parel or Sion. The first organized suburban scheme in Bombay was the Dadar-Matunga-Wadal-Sion scheme of 1899-1900. The diplomacy regulated constructions putting more emphasis on proper sanitation. Buildings were authorized to be 3 storey’s high with open spaces between them. The plan was to use this land for commercial, residential and institutional constructions. Parks and gardens were also in the plan and the streets were also well stipulated.

440 acres which is equivalent to 1.8 square kilometer of land was purchased and rented out to the government for selling. Housing cooperatives were formed for the first time to take advantage of the newly developed lands. The Hindu colonies and Parsi (Zoroastrian) in Dadar-Wadala were urbanized in this way. The Wadala Ballard Pier railway line was opened by the Port Trust Railway in 1915. Kerosene and petrol were also installed in Wadala around the same time. The Victoria Jubilee Technology which is the current Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute in 1923 was moved to its current campus at Wadala. The establishment of University Department of Chemical Technology which is currently known as The Institute of Chemical Technology in Wadala was done in 1934. Wadala was once regarded a central suburb of Mumbai city, however, it is now within the city limits.

Wadala is bordered by Matunga on the Northwest, Dadar on the West and Sewri on the South. Salt pans cover the western areas of Wadala. The salt pans are found on the Thane creek shores. MMRDA has planned to build a truck terminus on the Eastern border of Wadala and spread over 115 hectares (1.15 square kilometer). This will provide Mumbai with a centralized facility for transporting goods by road. Wadala has a huge number of university campuses, temples and it is also home to IMAX Dome Theater which is the former world’s largest theater. Vidyalankar Educational whose construction design won an international award known as viz. Design-share’s Honor award is also located in Wadala. Wadala is also recognized for temples, churches and dargas.

Wadala’s social and economic life

Slum development had started to grow over the years in Wadala adjacent to the railway tracks. A large colony had started to form. However, the state government in 2006 took action and brought down all those slums. Wadala experiences minimal electricity cuts if any in a year. There are police stations located in both Wadala West and East. There are also a number of colleges, schools and hospitals in the area. The neighborhood newsletter since 1988 in prints is The Voice of Wadala. One of the main concerns of Wadala residents however, is that it doesn’t have any supermarkets or malls. One has to travels to Dadar or Matunga or uses the local shops for shopping.

Wadala however, remains to be one of the most beautiful areas in that locality. It has beautiful sceneries which include: Rocket Garden, Don Bosco Church, UDCT, Five Garden Area and Ram Mandir all located in Wadala West. In Wandal East we have Barkat Ali Dargah, Nageshwar Mandir, Vidyalankar Educational Campus, Hanuman Mandir, Dosti Acres and Shaikh Mistry Dargah. This has led to many tourists frequenting the city and some even becoming permanent dwellers in Wadala. Students also travel from all over the World to come for studies in India. For this reason, there is vibrant social life in Wadala leading to increased need of escort services.

Wadala escort services

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Rules and guidelines for Pornstar Experience

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