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Thane District is a locality in the Indian town of Maharashtra located in Konkan Division. This was the most populated locality in the country at the 2011 Census. It had an more than 11 million residents. However, it was split into two and a new District known as Palghar district was created in August 2014. Thane district was then left with a population of about 8 million according to the previous census done in 2011. The district’s headquarter is in Thane city. Other main cities in this district are Kalyan-Dombivli, Bhiwandi, Navi Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Badlapur, Ambarnath, Mira-Bhayabder, Shahapur And Murbad. This is the most mechanized district in India.

It is located between 72 degrees 45’ and 73 degrees 48’ east longitudes and 18 degrees 42’ and 20 degrees 20’ north latitudes. The revised area of Thane district is approx 4,214 square km. The area is bounded by Palghar district to the north, Pune and Ahmadnagar to the east Nashik area to the North east. The western boundary is formed by the Arabian Sea while it is bounded by Mumbai Suburban District and Mumbai City District to the southwest. Raigad District is found to the south.

Thane’s brief history

Brithish from the Peshwa in 1817 had taken over the territory that now comprises of Thane district. It became a region of North Konkan district and its headquarters was in Thana. It has experienced great changes in its boundaries since then. North Konkan was expanded in 1833 by adding regions of South Konkan district and it was renamed Thana district in 1833. The three divisions of Roha, Mhad and Pen together with Revadanda and Underi agencies of Kolaba in 1853 were formed into the famous sub-collectorate of Kolaba under Thana. In 1869 the sub-collectorate of Kolaba was ultimately separated to form an independent Kolaba district. The administrative sub-divisions of Thana back in 1866 were reorganized and renamed as; Kolvan as Shahapur, Sanjan as Dahanu, and Nasrapur as Karjat.

Vada petha was improved to the standard of a taluka. In 1861 Uran Mahal was alienated from Salsette and positioned under Panvel. A new mahal was created in 1917 and Bandra was its headquarters. In 1920, Salsette was divided to form two talukas which are South Salsette and North Salsette. South Salsette consisted of 84 villages. It was separated from Thana District and added to Bombay Suburban district which had been newly created. 33 villages of Bombay Suburban district in 1945 were transferred to Thana district. 14 of them were again re-transferred to Bombay Suburban district when Aarey Milk was constituted in 1946.

Thane’s economic and social life

The total working population in Thane district according to 2001 census was 47.37% (11,961,704 persons). Out of the total working force, about 52% were engaged in agriculture. 6.19 were in cottage industries and manufacturing service and the remaining 30.69 were involved in other activities. Out of the total working force, more than 20% working force in the district were females. Ladies in Thane are hard-working and have a great desire of being independent. They are also very learned and full of life. You find the female gender in every career because they are empowered and believe in themselves. There are different classes of people in Thane district. Thane being the 3rd most industrialized region in the State has a super active social life. It also reports different investors throughout the year. This has led to the growth of escorting industry whose main clients are tourists and men and women of high class social status.

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