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Wonders of Santacruz

Santa Cruz or Santacruz is a section of Mumbai municipality. Domestic Terminal of the Mumbai Airport, one campus by the name University of Mumbai and Santa Cruz railway station on the famous Mumbai Suburban are all located in Santa Cruz East. There is also a famous SNDT University located in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz and its neighboring town Khar fall under the H West and H East wards of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. In 1991, this town had a population of 675,951 over an area of 12.98 square KM. This gave it a population density of more than 36,000 people per square kilometer.

History of Santa Cruz

The name Santa Cruz and originates from the Portuguese words which means ‘Holy Cross’. This referrers to a 150-year old Cross situated on Chapel Lane within the vicinity of destitute women’s home governed by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Love trust. Holy Cross was also given to a church which existed on the western side of Santa Cruz railway station along the present Swami Vivekanand Road. This is presently inhabited by the Sacred Heart Church and Sacred Heart Boys High School. The Marathas destroyed the original church during the capture of the Salsette Island from the Portuguese. In October 1888 when the railways begun operating, they named the local railway station after the Holy Cross. Santa Cruz as a region came into being. RAF Santa Cruz which is a military airfield was set up by the then British government. RAF Santa Cruz was home to many RAF squadrons from 1942 to 1947 during World War II. The RAF Santa Cruz airport covered an area of about 2,900 acres and had three runways initially.

The airfield was transferred for civilian after independence by the Indian Government. It came to be identified as Santa Cruz airport which is the city’s main airport. A new passenger terminal and apron was constructed in 1950 and commissioned in 1958. A new International terminal was constructed at Sahar in 1980’s to cater for the rising number of types of aircrafts and passenger movements. The Santa Cruz terminal was converted to be used by domestic flights. Primarily, it was used by Indian Airlines, but in 1990s East West Airlines and Jet Airways were born. The initial terminal building still exists to date but has been given a host of interior upgrades and a new façade. A second terminal was built to supplement existing facilities.

Santa Cruz social life

The main roads In Santa Cruz are Juhu Road, Swami Vivekanand Road, Linking Road which is now officially known as Vithalbhai Patel Marg and Juhu Tara Road. Every city has its own PIN code Santa Cruz’s being 400054 and 400049. At the back of Little Italy Café on Juhu Tara Road, there’s a Bungalow belonging to Famous Singer Kishor Kumar. Santa Cruz is very vibrant during the night. This is because; there are several institutions that host both local and international students. These institutes include: Juhu campus located on the Juhu Tara road. This campus houses over 10 institutions mainly for Post graduate programmes, It also has more than 10 colleges like PV Polytechnic, SVT College of Home Science, Usha Mittal Institute of Technology and CU Shah College of Pharmacy.

There are also various other social areas that contribute to the growth of Santa Cruz social life. These include; Juhu Garden which was formerly recognized for its Airpalne as Garden of Ornaments. Gold Cinemas; this is located inside Milan mall. Willingdon Gymkhana; this is a club which offers facilities like gymnasium, swimming and tennis. The Yoga Institute is also located in Santa Cruz. This is recognized as the oldest structured yoga center in the world. It was founded by Sri Yogendra in 1897 to 1989. Sri Yogendra played a major role in the development of medical hatha yoga. This led to the development of Yoga therapy.

Escort services in Santa Cruz

Due to the modernized lifestyle in Santa Cruz, and the great flow of tourists throughout the year, escorting services have been highly on demand. This has led to growth of various escort agencies. However, there are other escorts who have decided to go it alone and are known as Independent female escorts. In terms of flexibility and availability, independent female escorts will make a perfect match for you. Due to the fact that they run as private entities and Are their own boss, they are easily adjustable. They are also easily available since they make their schedules. Independent female escorts also tend to be cheaper compared to those working under agencies. This is because, independent escorts keep all the money paid for their services while those working under agencies have a certain percentage deducted by the agency. This makes them to be more expensive since they want to have some better amount at the end of the day.

On the other hand, working through agencies guarantees you of your safety, good flow of customers and less advertisement and logistics fees. For the client, although an escort working under an agency will be a sure bet of the kind of services you will receive. Therefore, it is always wise and advisable to use escort agency when it is your first time or you are in a new locality. There are also different escort agencies in Santa Cruz; therefore, identifying the best work with can be a challenge. The best way of identifying a good agency is checking at their charges for the different services offered, previous clients’ reviews and their front office services. Here are a few services offered by our Santa Cruz escort girls.

Bisexual female escort for couples

More and more male-female couples are in search for a discreet way of exploring their sexuality. Therefore, they invite female escorts to help them experience an erotic adventure. However, sometimes it is not easy to get a suitable escort. A female escort who is genuinely bisexual, beautiful, discreet, intelligent and sensual can only be found at High Profile Girls agency. When you invite an experienced female bisexual escort, you are matching your preferences with a diplomatic and no-strings attached escapade that is pleasurable for both parties. The setting of such an escapade is non-rushed, relaxing and exciting with free and open communication. Your female escort will ensure you are both relaxed, fulfilling your fantasies and hereby building a new dimension to your sex life and relationship and not a threat.

When female escort at High Profile Girls agency spend time with a couple, they offer services similar to a girlfriend experience they offer to their male customers. The girlfriend experience is sensual, romantic, and passionate. The female escort will take her time to know both of you, and to set a romantic atmosphere. The escort will kiss, massage, cuddle and make love to both of you. When the time to play comes, she divides her as equally as she can, unless requested otherwise. A bisexual escort enjoys eroticism with both male and female. She actively participates with both men and women while in a threesome experience. Whether you prefer, romantic and soft or hot and steamy, your time together will be heavenly.

Recommendations for couples who need a bisexual escort

The minimum amount of time for your booking should not be less than three hours. Experience has proved this to be the minimum amount of time needed for a romantic, intimate, rendezvous and passionate encounter. It is not just the escort who needs some time to know both of you; you’ll also need time to know her. This also helps create a relaxed adventure. For most couples, this is an exciting, perhaps first time experience; therefore, getting some nerves is completely normal. Your female escort will first ensure you are all comfortable and relaxed before making any move to eroticism. Dinner dates are recommended to have an ultimate experience. For this, you need a minimum of not less than six hours. If you have any specific “rules” or preference, please ensure you inform the agency or the escort before. These rules include:

You want the female escort to put more focus on a bisexual practice for the female client

This is usually an agreement the couple makes prior to their booking, therefore, to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for, it is important to inform the escort up front. This helps her prepare psychologically and know the tactics to use.

The female escort is not allowed to have actual intercourse with the man

There are some ladies who are very possessive and cannot stand watching their men having a sexual intercourse with another woman. Also, there are some male clients who cannot stand having sex with any other woman other than their wives. They therefore agree to come for escort services to get tips on spicing up their bedroom without breaking their trust to each other. The escorts aim is not to break your rules or bring issues in your relationship but to ensure you both get satisfied. Therefore, she will never force you to indulge in things you are not comfortable with. However, prior communication is important for both parties.

You are in search of a more naughty practice and you want your female escort to bring her favorite toy

Bisexual escorts have different toys they use to give them a complete sensual and romantic experience and especially when dealing with a fellow woman. They however, don’t carry them along unless they are requested to do so by their clients.

As a couple, you are looking for sex lessons from your experienced female escort on how to enhance your current sex life

This is a totally different dimension of bisexual escort experience. The escort therefore needs to know before so that she can make proper arrangements on how to go about it. This also means much of the work will be done by both of you receiving instructions from the escort.

This has really worked for many couples. If you go through clients’ reviews, you will understand how important and effective this is to many marriages. The experienced escort gives instructions to both the male and female clients on places to touch their partners, how to go about and such things. Escorts at High Profile Girls agency are always more than happy to follow any preference by their clients. They give you an opportunity to give them any special requests, rules and fantasies you might have. Your female escort might also volunteer to give you suggestions on various ways the bisexual experience is done. This way she gets to understand what you are really looking for. However, they do not entertain a situation where, one of the two clients is not aware about the visit. Or worse still is not just as happy about the practice as his/her partner. Coursing your partner to do what they are not comfortable with might end up breaking your relationship.

Charges for bisexual experience

As stated before, bisexual experience involves a different expertise and a lot of time for that purpose. Therefore, the ratings are a bitter higher compared to other services offered. However, many agencies give a surcharge for couples. When dealing with an independent female escort, the charges might be a bit low. She also gives you more room for bargaining and eventually you might come up with a slightly lower rate than you would get from an escort agency.

An independent escort might also give you much better experience since her primary role is to market herself and create more regular clients if possible. For that reason they always give their best to their clients. They might also decide to give you a discounting service which was not agreed on in signing contract. Therefore, before settling on the escort to hire those are some of the points you need to consider. The quality of service should however be your ultimate goal. You are not planning this to be a frequent experience, therefore you should get the best there is no matter how expensive it is.