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Powai is a locality in the North East Mumbai. It is situated on the Powai Lake banks. Powai is bounded by Chandivali to the South-West, Vikhroli Paksite hills to the south-east, the L.B.S M arg which is also known as old Mumbai-Agra road to the north-east and to the north beyond the lake you find Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road which is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city connects the eastern and the western suburbs. It passes through Powai. This place hosts dozens of devotees during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival which is held annually for the visarjan processions. Powai is served by Kanjur Marg and Vikhroli railway stations on the central-line and Mumbai’s only airport which is located 5 km away.

Powai can be said to be a start-up-hub full of industrialists starting off from hatching cells set up by institutes from the tech industry for example IIT Bombay. There is also other sector settings based there which causes the area to be identified as India’s Powai Valley. Examples of startups in Powai Valley include; TinyOwl, Holachef, Bewakoof, JustRide Housing, Care24, Logic Roots and many others. The suburb has the most modernized and cosmopolitan cultures because of the different communities living there.

Powai history

The word Powai is said to have possibly been resulted from the word Powmy. Poumw is a corrupted form of Pouma. Pouma means Padma in Sanskrit. This is because a Temple famously known as Padmavati Devi Temple which was dedicated to Goddess Padmavati and dates back to the tenth century AD according to the Archaeological Survey of India. It is situated inside IIT Bombay on the bank Powai Lake. A freedom fighter Chandrabhan Sharma landed in Mumbai in 1943 four years ahead of India’s independence. He subsequently happened to buy and lease Powai Estate from the then owner Mr. sir Yusuf for a paltry sum. Powai comprised of five villages at that time which were Kopri, Saki, Powai, Tirandaz and Paspauli.

A portion of Powai was later given to the government in 1950s to construct IIT which is an Indian Institute of Technology. Jawaharlal Nehru which was the Prime Minister then visited the area in person. He was motivated by Chandrabhan Sharma to give this land free of charge for this purpose. Powai’s modernization was initiated by Mr. Sharma’s construction business which was done in 1975 under GHP Corporation flagship. Prashant Apts became the first modern building in Powai. It was followed by 13-floor Bhawani Tower.

Powai’s social life

Powai has a vibrant night-life. Shoots for various Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies have taken place in Powai. Such movies include; Slumdog Millionaire, Ghajini, Haseena Maan Jaayegi and Kyalug. Powai has some of the tallest housing buildings in suburban Mombai. The Hiranandani Gardens have also been recognized for their neo-classical architectural style. Powai has some of the best hotels in Mumbai. There are also several restaurants, theatres, pubs and clubs. Due to its rich history, it has become a tourist attraction point in Mumbai. There are also several escort agencies mainly set to offer escort services to tourists and residents as well.

Services offered by Powai escorts

When you visit a new town, country or city for the first time, you need someone to guide you around. You need someone to accompany you who will keep you busy and entertained the whole time. A tour guide might be a choice but he/she will never completely fulfill what your heart truly desires. For this reason, the best solution would be looking for a beautiful and elegant girl to be beside you. Powai escort angels make the best solution for such a need. Powai escort are beautiful, elegant, sharp, kind, trust worthy and fun filled. They have glamorous appearance with a curvy body with all the curves in the right proportion and order. Your first glimpse of her is enough to make you wish to know her more.

They are so confident with themselves which evident the first time you look at her. What you see is nothing less of a true woman who loves and appreciates herself. They are also full of life. Nothing would be big enough to cost them their happiness. To Powai female escorts, as long as you are alive and healthy, it enough to celebrate life and put a smile on their face. Their love for life is one thing that has helped them grow and keep on in this escorting industry. Powai female escorts has a very big heart, nothing seems too big for her. It doesn’t matter how crazy a client is, they’ll always handle this situation calmly and with a lot of wisdom. You’ll never hear her yell at a client or argue with them. They try to disagree maturely, if they realize a situation is getting out of hand, they walk out quietly without even the client realizing it.

Powai are among the prettiest and modernized escorts in Mumbai. They have changed Powai to be a home of beauties. They are also very polite, patient and disciplined. They are true flowers of this suburb. Powai female escorts have become a great tourist attraction product that is not recognized by the government. After a personal interaction with many tourists, they confessed to have frequented Powai just to have a repeat experience with their escorts. Some who was their first time to visit Powai confessed that their friends told them a lot about Powai escorts and so they decided to come and have a personal experience.

Different types of escorts in Powai

There are two different types of escorts in Powai. There are female escorts working under agencies and those working as private entities that are usually referred to as Independent female escorts. They all offer the same kind of services but their prices and flexibility really matters. Independent female escorts are the best in terms of availability and flexibility. This is because you get a chance of dealing with the female escort herself other than going through the agency office. They are also quite affordable since they keep all the money paid by the client. For you to get a good independent female escort in Powai, all you need is visit their various sites, go through them and make a choice of your own. Independent female escorts also tend to offer the best services since that is the best way they have of advertising themselves.

If you need to hire a long term companion, then an independent escort would be the best. This is because for one they are cheap and secondly they have very flexible schedules and therefore fixing you in it will be easy. They offer many extra services apart from the ones stipulated on contract at no extra cost. However, it might also be a big challenge to deal with an independent female escort if it is your first tim or you are bin a new locality. This is because; it will be very difficult for you to tell between a genuine escort and a fraudster. Although there are fake agencies too, but mostly fraudsters escorts are those working as independent escorts.

They pause as very beautiful young and experienced girls who have been in the industry for the longest time possible. Fraudster female escorts also seem to be comparatively cheap and offer very wide range of services. They claim to be experts in almost everything. This is just meant to trap as many clients as possible. Once you book a date with them, they are romantically dressed and play along very well when in public. Once you get to your private room, they drug you and steal from you. On the other hand, independent female escorts also suffer very much in the hands of cruel men. An escort might be very genuine and offering genuine services but she meets with a client who is just after using her and then dumping her or worse still some even kill them.

To curb these challenges, there are many independent female escorts who pay money to different agencies to advertise through them. In this way, escort agencies treat them just like their own. They gave them the same rules and regulations and they undertake them under the same training as their own permanently employed escorts. Independent female escorts working under agencies are the best because you get a double dose. You are assured of your security because the agent shoulders the responsibility for all her female escorts. Secondly you are assured of quality services at a cheaper price. The escorts also benefit on the other hand because they are assured of their security.

Just as the female escorts are accountable to the agency for the quality of service they offer to the clients. The clients are also accountable to the agency for the safety of the female escorts they hire. This kind of arrangement has led to more independent female escorts than there were some time ago. The escorts are also assured of steady supply of clients since many people will visit an agency site more frequently than they would your own.

Best escort agency in Powai

Just as it is a challenge to tell between a genuine and fraudster female escort, it is the same case with agencies. Therefore it is always wise to go through various agencies sites before making a concrete decision of the agency to operate with. High Profile Girls agency has won in being the best and most efficient escort agency in Powai and Mumbai as a whole. They are well organized, open minded, polite, kind and most of their services are pocket friendly. They have also been well known for the quality of service they offer to their clients. When it comes to serving their clients, they don’t compromise. Their escorts are also very much aware of this. It is you either performs respect their clients and have a good relationship with their clients or you exit their agency. They value their clients more than anything else.

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If you are in search of a stunningly beautiful companion who understands and sharp then go for these female escorts. They will give you a listening ear, comfort you if need be and ensure you more relaxed at the end of the session. They speak when it is necessary and only when they have the right words to say. This has made Powai escorts both independent and those working under agencies very popular. Many men come calling not for sex services but to just have time to pour out their hearts, communicate their pain and get advice from them. Many of their clients had indicated in their reviews two hours spent with a Powai female escort was worth more than spending with a counselor. Powai escorts are also very loving and kind hearted. This draws many men to them especially those going through difficulties in their marriages. They comfort them and assure them of better days ahead. After a session with these girls, many have confessed to have developed new strength to face life boldly.