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Nariman point is renowned as one of the classic and premium business centers in Mumbai. It is strewn with skyscrapers which gives the sense of New York’s Manhattan. It is therefore designated as ‘Manhattan of Mumbai’. Nariman point is home to many extortionate residential condos like Vidya Bhavan and Birla Bhavan, State of Maharashtra’s head office and Mittal Towers. Nariman point is also a shopping destination in Mumbai. This is because of the presence of different domestic and international brands. It is also known to have a vivacious nightlife with a number of restaurants, pubs and lounges found in the area. This is accompanied by a breathtaking sight of the famous ‘Queen’s Necklace’.

A brief history of Nariman point is fun to understand. Till 1940, it was a fraction of the Arabian Sea. It is located on the southern end of Mumbai Peninsula, at the tip of Mumbai’s Marine drive. It is named after Khurshed Framji Nariman who was a municipal corporator who initiated its development as an addition to the Back Bay repossession. Khurshed Nariman initiated the area’s development and its reclaim from the sea near Church gate in 1940. This was an activity whose estimated cost today would be close to 99.4 million Rupees. A construction rumble in that decade also resulted to development of business high-rises in the area.

All the chief banks and their head offices are located in Nariman point. It also houses some main airline offices. Investors and industrialists have had an eye on Nariman Point since it was built to have their offices there. Today, Nariman point brags of the extraordinary skyline, big industrial houses, classy hotels and residential apartments. Being celebrated as one of the most luxurious and urbane sites, Nariman point now stands a delight of India. It pulls business officials to do business here and also serves as a motivation to the city of Mumbai. It is also the pride of India as a whole in terms of economic and commercial partaking. Its intelligent is one thing that will be referred to in planning for any industrial or financial zones.

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Nariman point Mumbai is an enchanting, mesmerizing and awesome place to be. No adjective would be enough to do justice to this place. It is just one of its kinds. I have been coming here to Nariman point for the whole of last week for official matters. Truth be told, I don’t seem to get enough of this city. Every time I look at Versace and Jimmy Choo showrooms, the sky scrapers, the vast unbound sea and the Taj I’m awestruck like a child led to a room full of candies. There is something about Nariman that makes me desire to come here every day for work.

One is the clandestine beauty seen at the road adjacent from the sea. The second is the beautiful escorts of Nariman point. Although I’ve been born and brought up in Mumbai, but there is just something unique about Nariman point. The streets of Mariman points are very colorful with most expensive and luxurious cars being so common. There is competition on the outside yet there is peace from within. It is away from the jostle and commotion of Mumbai yet very lively. You will never find your energy levels dipping in Mariman point. This point has an existence of its own.

If you have never been in Mariman point, then you probably have no idea of what you are missing. This is the most attractive place in the world. Not just because of its set up but also because of the people living there. Nariman point is the liveliest place in Mumbai. If you want to have real fun in life and have a chance to experience life in another dimension, then visit Nariman point. However, you’ll never be able to understand the real meaning of beauty without a female escort by your side. Nariman point female escorts have the magic of bringing the best out of you. They make you feel like a king in a foreign land. Nariman female escorts are the flowers of this city. They are beautiful, bumpy and stunningly hot. Escorts in Nariman point gives you an experience that is outside this world. A single glimpse at them is enough to give you sleepless nights.

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If you want to experience real angels on earth, then visit High Profile Girls agency. Their female escorts are extremely hot. They have perfectly shaped bodies, with everything you would wish for in place. They also have a stunning and attractive character with a smooth sweet voice. Everything about them is just amazing. Female escorts at High Profile Girls agency provide the most charming, well behaved and romantic girls in Nariman point. When it comes to their dressing, it is just enough to arouse a completely emotionally dead man. They give you a feeling that totally short of words. There are also independent female escorts in Nariman point who are also fun to be with. Independent female escorts in Nariman point are easily available, flexible and more affordable. This is because they have direct contact with their clients. Hence, it is usually easy to discuss and negotiate with her than having to go through an agency.

On the other hand, working through an agency gives you a variety of choice, ensures you quality service. It also assures you of your security. There are different agencies in Nariman point; all who promise to give you the best. Therefore a little research in all of them will be necessary before you make up your mind. Out of a personal experience, the best escorts are those working under High Profile Girls agency. I have had an encounter with several of them and they never disappoint. They give more than what you bargain for. These are real angels on earth. Their female escorts offer different kinds of services to their clients some of which include:

A threesome experience

When couples decide to invite another person to their bedroom, for an exhilarating threesome, the most common appeal is another bisexual woman. A threesome experience with a Nariman point escort is a recurring fantasy for many couples. More and more couples are looking for discreet ways of exploring their sexuality by inviting a female escort to join them for a sexual excitement adventure. It can be an absolute excitement for a couple who have a strong mutual trust relationship. However, finding a suitable companion is easier said than done. An escort in Nariman point would be the answer to your confusion. By inviting an experienced female escort in Nariman point, you will match your preferences with a non-strings attached and discreet adventure.

The setting of such kind of an adventure is relaxing, non-rushed and exciting with free and open communication. Your female escort ensures you are both at ease and the adventure is pleasurable for both parties. Female escorts in Nariman point fulfils your fantasies and creates a new aspect to your relationship and not a threat. Even though the female escorts focus more on the man, she will not be disrespectful to the woman. She will never impress the man inappropriately or make the woman jealous. A Nariman point independent escort is an ideal team player who aims at making the man enjoys himself through joint efforts. When our escort spends time with couples, they offer same girlfriend experience as they do when they have a date with a man. This girlfriend experience is sensual, passionate and romantic. A Nariman female escort takes time to know both of you. This helps her set a sensual and passionate atmosphere. Whether you enjoy romantic and soft or hot and steamy, your time jointly will be heavenly.

Sensual erotic massage

Are you looking for an eventual combination of mental and physical contact? An experience where you will relax and enjoy, talk and laugh on the highest level? Then an erotic massage service will be perfect for you. All female escorts in Nariman point are experts in erotic massage service as part of a girlfriend experience. Escorts in High Profile Girls agency offer expert erotic massage service. These because, they have all gone through special training in erotic massage services and tantric techniques. Erotic massage service is obtainable by everyone, man or woman, expert or beginner. Massage plays a special magic of fulfilling deep human desires; the desire to be touched. This is doubtless the oldest type of therapy in the world. It evolved from innate and perhaps even instinctive behavior as a way of easting stiffness and hurts and helping a tense or tired body to recuperate.

Sensual erotic massage is an ancient practice, an intimate art using aromatherapy oil or professional techniques. Sensual erotic massage connects the physical with the psychological. It is a blend of preparation, environment pressure points and sexual indulge. It is as much on how to tap as it is on where to touch. Sensual erotic massage is a perfect stress reliever. Our well trained girls will make you feel calm throughout the experience and all your senses energized and tickled. This is the most rewarding and inspiring way of taking a journey through the innovations of your body. This is never rushed. It is a periodic yet sensitive and proceeds from long to deeper gliding strokes. All what you need is to surrender yourself to the sturdy yet velvet hand of your escort. You will be amazed by this exciting experience.

Every erogenous region will be revealed and caressed. The female escort also uses her oiled body to give you a body to body massage. You will be touched in a way that will increase your sexual arousal intensely. One of our female escort’s goals in using tantric techniques on you is to stimulate the flow of energy in a way that they increase and extend the pleasure by holding up the orgasm. This massage will endlessly excite you before reaching the ultimate climax. This will give you an exciting body game that will bring pleasure and excitement to both you and your female escort.

Anal sex (A- levels)

This is a different sensation for both men and women. It is a little bit wayward but provides some diversity to normal sex. Anal sex has a trace of taboo connected to it which adds to its attraction. However, with anal sex, you either hate it or you love it. There is nothing in between. Most men and women have given it a trial at some point, and quite few of them will not try again. In the same case, not all female escorts in Nariman point support it. An escort will be very polite in saying no but they mean exactly that. For that reason, there is no need of trying to force it into her. At High Profile Girls agency, we don’t charge any extra charges for making your special fantasy a reality. However, the minimum booking you can have for annual sex is three hours. Some escorts also require an established trust relationship. Therefore not many will accept to give you an anal sex experience on your first date.

Sexuality is not just very personal, it depends heavily on the mood and also the person involved. Therefore, other than complete commitment in creating a mutual special and enjoyable experience, there is no absolute guarantee that can be given. There are a few tips and tricks one needs to know before engaging in anal sex. These tips include:

  • Relax and take your time: A woman will get hurt if she is not relaxed and is rushed to anal sex. To avoid such a scenario, please take your time. Your anal sex encounter is actually the cherry on top so ensure you eat the entire cake first. Anal sex needs just as much foreplay if not more as vaginal sex.
  • Lube, lube, lube: The vagina produces moist when aroused; however, the rectum does not. It is therefore advisable to use silicon or water lubricants to have a safe and enjoyable experience on both sides.
  • The woman is the boss: You should embark in anal sex if and only when the woman is ready. You should also allow her to guide you in everything. She is the one to control the position and the pace and she is the one to decide when and how it will be done.
  • Variation: If using a condom, never change between anal and vaginal sex without changing the condom. It will be very uncomfortable for the woman the next day. If not using a condom, then do a thorough wash up.

With the above considerations put in place, our female escorts will give you the best anal sex experience. Just give us a trial and you will appreciate it.