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Malad is a neighborhood situated in North Mumbai. It has a railway station located on the Western Line of Mumbai Suburban Railway. It lies between Goregaon station to the south and Kandivali station to the North. Malad has been divided into Malad East and West by the railway tracks of the Western Line. Malad has become a gorgeous residential area for middle-class white-collar population from different communities. Malad is currently known as Mumbai’s fastest growing locality. However, looking at its brief history will do us a lot of good. Below is a brief description of Malad history.

Malad’s brief history

In the 19th century, Malad consisted of several villages including; Kharodi, Orlem (currently known as Valnai), Malwani, Marve, Madh, Rathodi, Aksa and Chinchowli. The other old settlements in Malad were villages inhabited by the local East Indian community, Kolis, Muslim, Bhandaris and South Indian People. These were recognized as the original local inhabitants of Mumbai. In 1934, the first movie company founded in India known as Bombay Talkies was established in Malad by Deveika Rani and Himanshu Rai. Much of the land west of the railway tracks was originally owned by East Indian families who used it primarily for Agriculture. Most of them sold their lands to real estate developers in 1970s.

Prahlaadrai Dalmia Lions College stands out as the oldest commerce college in Malad. Malad was sparsely populated area cut across by mangroves and creeks. It witnessed a process of gentrification beginning early 2000’s with the emergence of big commercial complexes. This brief history helped me understand the city that I had visited. It also gave me a nutshell idea of what to expect in my stay in Malad. There are people from different nationalities in Malad. However, many have been carried by the traditions of the original residents because of their kind hearts. Differentiating between the two was not easy.

The people of Malad are very friendly, kind hearted, welcoming, and courteous. This is evident with the first person you will meet. Both young and old are respectful and friendly. They easily make you relax and forget you are in a foreign land. I had heard much about the beauty of Malad and even read in books. This was my driving force of leaving my homeland for Malad. I wanted to have a personal touch with this area and the people living there. My main reason of visiting Malad was to have an experience with her escorts. Much had been said about how beautiful, kind, respectful and loving Malad escorts were. I therefore decided to have a personal experience and see how true or false these allegations were. Malad female escorts are gorgeous lovely girls who are full of life. They are much disciplined with very firm and strong characters. All of what I had heard was not even half of the true strength of Malad female escorts. Below are a few points I learnt from my first experience with an escort in Malad.

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Dinner dates

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