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Parel is a region of Mumbai. It is not the same with Lower Parel. It is a district within Giringaon. Giringaon was the focus of Great Bombay textile strike in 1982. It used to have several mills which have been substitutes by new office developments. Originally, it was a separate island. Parel is among the 7 Islands of Bombay that were ceded by Portuguese to England in 1661. In the 19th century, it was connected up with the other islands. William Hornby who was the governor of Bombay in the 1770s shifted his official home to Parel. Parel became one of the luxurious areas of the city. Dealers and tanners in dry fish in 1867 were relocated to this area. Several cotton mills were established in the domesticated lands in Parel (West) by the 1870s. Parel gradually became much polluted. The governor’s wife suffered from cholera and died in the Government House.

Parel has experience an influx of great enterprises in the composite of the long-gone cotton mills. When the cotton mills were in operation, thousands of mill workers lived in Parel. Many cultural activities were being held in Parel. However, due to many families shifting from the area as family sizes begun to increase, many of these cultural practices died down or were reduced. The cotton mill jobs have now long disappeared and big cotton meal real estate’s are being transformed into very expensive gated communities. Parel has therefore become an area where lower, middle-class and the rich live together. World one which is the world’s tallest residential building is currently under construction. Parel is also home to many hospitals like; KEM hospital which is a Municipal corporation hospital, Wadia hospital for children and another one for women. There are also Tata Memorial Centre which specializes in cancer treatment and MGM (ESI hospital). Bai Sakarbai Dinsha Petit hospital and Mumbai Veterinary Colleges are also located in Parel.

Parel happens to be one of the greatest developing localities in the world outside Guangdong/Shenzhen China. The land of cotton mills have been re-developed to big stand alone housing buildings like Dosti Flamingos, Ashok Towers, Kingston towers, Ashok Gardens and Crystal Towers. Kalpatura Habitat, 5-star hotels like The Grand Central, and the Four Season and some shopping malls like the High Street Phoenix. Property price appreciation in Parel has been experienced in excess of eight times. Lower Parel is also home to Palladium which is the only luxurious retail centre in Parel.

Parel escorts

Females escorts be it independent female escorts or those working under agencies are among the most beautiful in India. They offer intimate company to their clients that leave them longing for more. They are the most romantic, naughty and passionate female escorts you can ever have. For those visiting Parel for the first time or for beginners in connection to escort services, recognizing a genuine and fun filled escort might be a challenge. This is the reason why we at High Profile Girls agency ensure we give you an encounter you will never forget. We offer a number of services to our clientele. All of our female escorts offer a girlfriend experience and they also cater to more unique requests. With her, you are free to express any fantasy you might have. They always try their level best to accommodate you and equate you with a fitting female escort.

In addition to erotic and intimate services, High Profile Girls agency offers various supporting services that make your booking with them unforgettable. We are happy to aid you for example with a classic restaurant, in Parel and entertainment preparations that you might desire. High Profile Girls agency is internationally oriented agency that has extensive experience in taking care of all programs involved. Whether it is an exciting night with two bisexual escorts or arranging a luxury location we will be there for you. If you need a restaurant suggestion, complete events, international booking or even more naughty requests, we’ve got you covered. We have the most flexible escorts you have ever encountered. They are also talented and gifted in different services. You can request two or more services depending on the time you’ll be together. Below are just a few examples you can choose from.

A classic dinner date with an escort

Our female escorts are discreet, elegant, charming and intelligent. They feel comfortable in diverse social settings therefore, excellent companion for dinner dates. Take time to know each other while enjoying a romantic dinner, and then proceed to an erotic desert in private. At a dinner date, you are able to enjoy a passionate dinner with your femal escort. While enjoying a meal and a drink, you get to know each other. The time you spend together will be more like a actual date, and hence, a more ultimate kind of the girlfriend and boyfriend experience is created. After a delicious dinner, you are now free to move back to the bedroom where your evening will continue. A dinner date is quite an intimate, fun and very romantic evening with your specially picked stunning female escort.

Since many of our escorts enjoy dinner dates, they avail themselves at a reduced rate. This therefore takes into account, the time you will need to tour to and from the eatery. You always travel jointly to the restaurant with your female escort. The reduced rates are well stipulated in the escort’s profile. Dinner dates needs a minimum of five hours. This gives time for a luxurious dinner as well as personal time in the bedroom. Longer dinner dates always better and very much possible. The idea behind the dinner date is to get time to know each other first before a romantic night. Therefore, it is impossible to have eroticism before the actual dinner.

Most suitable restaurants close their kitchen around 9:30 PM. A dinner date can therefore start between 6PM to 9 PM. In addition, room service, lunch, a steak at the hotel, a pizza around the corner and many more are not under the category of a dinner date. In such situations, regular private date rates apply. The profile of each female escort lists their favorite cuisine. Most female escorts prefer romantic, modern and discreet restaurants. Of course our escorts wouldn’t mind a lavish Michelin star restaurant. And especially because of the protocol course they followed, they feel very comfortable there. However, such ultra lavish scenery is not a requirement.

Our female escorts will happily accompany you to a hotel with a more down-to-earth setup. She gives you the freedom of selecting your favorite hotel on the largest Parel review boards. However, we are always more than more than happy to give our suggestions of nice restaurants to you as well. If you give a chance, we even do reservations for you.

International bookings with our female escorts (high-class escorts)

Many of our high class female escorts are available for international bookings. High class female escorts in Parel love travelling and can travel to almost any main city worldwide. However, they don’t visit countries with negative travel advice, major inequality between male and female or predominant religion. Whether you are in search of an escort to accompany you for a private holiday or a business trip, High Profile Girls agency gladly accommodates any request you may have. Our high class female escorts are all stylish and intelligent young girls. They are pleasant and appropriate company during your global business trips. While you are busy working during the day, a parel female escort will be making preparations for that evening. She might also decide to explore the city or work on personal grooming. Your female escort will be a charming companion for you in the evening during a passionate candlelit dinner for two or a business dinner.

Are you longing to spend a few days or a long midweek or weekend in your favorite city? High Profile Girls female escort happily accompanies you for your romantic city trip. You will enjoy viewing the city together and showing each other those most beautiful sights. In the evening you get time to share a romantic dinner together, go to casinos, theatre, clubbing and more. After all the fun, it will be time to enjoy an erotic night together. After having a delayed breakfast in bed, you will be able to enjoy yet another day together. Hard work has never made anyone happy. You deserve your definitive dream holiday. Our high class Parel female escorts are more than happy to accompany you. Whether you enjoy having a magnificent romantic holiday at your fantasy destination or in a little group with your relations or friends, we comfortably arrange the group for your holiday.

We always make sure that you get the best out of your trip. It doesn’t matter how long the trip will last, our escorts will keep you entertained throughout. She will never give you a chance of regretting having her as your companion at any single moment.

Companionship only

Female escorts in Parel are intelligent, discreet and elegant. This makes them qualify for companionship only bookings. Companionship Only Bookings do not have any kind of sexual or erotic intimacy. The Parel female escort’s charm is to be admired and not to be felt. You may be kind enough to offer your hand to the escort when getting out of a car, an arm around her when she is feeling cold. You are also free to give her a kiss on the cheek when saying hi. However, the atmosphere between the two of you should be similar to that of a colleague or friend and not of lovers.

Reasons of booking an escort for such a setting

There are numerous reasons of booking an escort for such a setting. For example, you might need a companion during a luxurious dinner, a concert or theatre. Sometimes you might be new in Parel and want someone to take you for sightseeing. This is definitely not an activity you would prefer doing on your own. Another possible reason is if you have received an invitation to a corporate or social event and it is an invitation for two. Sometimes you might be single or just not comfortable to attend with your partner. However, for you to create a better casual setting and to feel much in place, it is important to bring a companion.

The current society is more focused on an individual. However, that does not mean you sometimes can’t long to hang out with a partner. Someone you can go shopping together, enjoy athletic endeavors, cook dinner, watch a movie or do typical things couples enjoy outside the bedroom. Some people who are afraid of getting into relationships enjoy this setting when they feel lonely. This kind of companionship is sometimes more satisfying than having sex. Your Parel female escort can even accompany you on an entertaining holiday. Or how about taking the most gorgeous date to a party and attracting everybody’s attention or making you ex-partner jealous?

Another main reason people request for a companion only booking is when they want to get familiar with one of the agency’s female escort on what we call a platonic level to see how they connect before placing a regular booking. Clients who are interested in long term bookings often invite the escort for a dinner or lunch date. If they are okay with her, they place longer bookings that include eroticism.

Rules governing companionship only booking

  • The minimum booking of such kind of a setting is 3hrs minimum. However, this depends on the place of your booking.
  • Companionship booking do not involve any kind of erotic or sexual closeness. You are not allowed to hug, touch or kiss the escort during such kind of a setting.
  • You should not request for erotic or sexual acts. If you do, you receive three warnings from the agency after which, the female escort will leave with no refund. You might also be given a choice to change your booking to a private date booking.
  • During a Companionship only booking, the escort will remain fully clothed at all times.
  • For multiple day or overnight companionship, the client will be required to provide the escort with a private room or suite.