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Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri, also referred to as Lokhandwala is a huge commercial and residential neighborhood in Mumbai, India. It is roughly 5 km from Adheri Station. The name Lokhandwala originates from a developer’s name that has a construction firm called Lokhandwala Construction Pvt. Ltd. Lokhandwala Construction PVT Ltd was the chief developer of the famous suburb of Versova, which was previously initially a marshland. When Siraj Lokhandwala who is the proprietor of Lokhandwala Construction saw the great marshland in the vicinity of Versova in 1968, he resolute to buy it land for development. Every broker in Mumbai discouraged him from buying it. They felt that no one will wish to live in a relative distance from the old town of Mumbai. However, Lokhandwala Complex has today become the most desirable and most eagerly aspired to suburbs of Mumbai.

A real who’s who of Bollywood stars reside in Lokhandwala. Over the last twenty years, Lokhandwala has become home to most of movie stars. The list includes; film directors, some of the finest actors, producers, film writers and most of the individuals who are working in the Television Industry and Indian films. Most of the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) also have their second homes here. Lokhaandwala has many large cinemas, shopping malls, parks, fitness centres, clubs and small to very huge apartments. It has tremendous public transport facilities and has good connections to the rest of Mumbai city. Lokhandwala is 10 km from airport and five km from Adheri Station. Trains from Adheri Stations take approximately 33 minutes to get to Church gate. Lokhandwala Complex is also central to DN Nagar Metro Station and Versova Metro Station at 2.1 km each. Both the Metro Stations are accessible in approx 22 minutes to reach to Ghhaktkopar.

Some of the well known residential landmarks of Lokhandwala are; Golden Heights, Mayfair Page 3, Samartha Krupa, Royal Accord, Oberoi Sky Gardens, Green Acres, Oberoi Sky Heights and Royal Resorts. A number of gardens in Lokhandwala have a green patch reserved in the middle. The gardens also serve as scenes for comedy club, a yoga club, sports meeting for children, senior citizens activities and many more. Walvakar Park has been developed by Vikas Walavalkar. Walavalkar Park measures 5000 meters and more and has been adjudged as the best park by Vikas Walavalkar. Walavalkar Park has become very popular among the area residents who are health-conscious. This is because; there is a jogging track that adjoins the Lokhandwala back road.

Lokhandwala Complex shootout

Lokhandwala complex was featured in in the news headlines on Nov 16th 1991. This was during a firefight between seven gangsters and a force of 100 police and other ATS officers lead by then Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Aftab Ahmed Khan. Aftan Ahmed Khan was the head of ATS. The seven gangsters had invaded the Swati complex within Lokhandwala complex. The ensuing shootout lasted for four hours and 450 rounds were fired. The seven gangsters which included Dilip Buwa, Maya Dolas and Anil Pawar were killed. This incident became the basis of the 2007 Hindi film known as Shootout at Lokhandwala. The movie was starring Vivek Oberoi as Maya Dolas, Sanjay Dutt as ACP Aftab Ahmed Khan, Amrita Singh as Ratnaprabha Dolas (Maya Dolas’ mother) and Tushar Kapoor as Dilip Buwa.

ACP Aftab Ahmed Khan also featured in the film as his superior in a cameo role. His superior’s real name is Police Commissioner S. Ramamurthy. This movie has added a lot of value to Lokhandwala’s history. Many people who never knew of its existence have come to grow interest into digging deeper after watching Shootout at Lokhandwala.

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