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Kandivali was formerly known as Khandolee. This is a location in Mumbai North, Maharashtra, India. Kandivali is the twentieth railway station on the western end from Churchgate. An artifact found near Kandivali point out that it was inhabited during the Stone Age. The Kandivali Railway station was built in 1907 which more than 100 years ago. The railway station was then known as Khandolee. The name Kandivali originates from Condolim which is the East Indian village. The Bombay Backbay was reclaimed by quarrying stones and earth from Paran which is a hillock situated on the eastern side of the railway station. On this account, a workshop was erected, several dwelling houses were constructed and a railway line was built. The houses constructed were mainly hundreds of officers and workmen.

The area surrounding Western Urban road between Kandivali and Malad had abundant stone quarries. At one time, it became famous for Malad Stone. Many heritage structures in Mumbai were constructed using Malad stone from these quarries between 1860 and 1930. Notable buildings among them are; Bombay House, the Western Railway building found at Church gate and David Sassoon library. The Fonseca’s from Bandra moved to Kandivali during the plagues of 1900s. They initially dwelt at Akurli ehich is at the East of Kandivali, and then later moved to Poisar on the West of Kandivali. This is where of the East Indians thrived. Although many of them moved, a few families are still there to this day. All the three main communities have shrines in poisar. Kalidas Bhai Satwara who was a social worker and a well known person also lived in Poisar. He worked for the strengthening and betterment of the residents of this village.

Kandivali’s beauty and social life

Kandivali West is largely occupied by Jain and Gujarati crowd who are professionals and business class. Mahavir Nagar is a luxurious area that boasts of clubs, malls, gymkhana, Jain temple and fine restaurants. It is known as Mini Walkeshwar. This is because, people shift from Walkeshwar, Marine drive and Nepeansea Road of South Mumbai to call Kandivali their home. Orchid Suburbia is a landmark civilization on Link Road. It is famous for its festival celebrations, lifestyle amenities, events and lifestyle amenities. Orchid Suburbia has become the pride of Kandivali. Samata Nagar located on the Eastern side of Kandivali is one of the ancient colonies of Kandivali. Like all other Mumbai neighborhoods, it is split into Eastern and Western areas by a train station. Notable areas of Kandivali East include; Thakur Village, Thakur Complex Samata Nagar, Lokhandwala Township and Damu Nagar.

Kandivali village is the oldest area in Kandivali which had five families. These families were mostly Pachkalshi such as Mhatre and Patil in the 1880s. The East Indian Catholic majorly dwelt here. There is a good number of Dawoodi Bohra Muslims who dwell in Kandivali West. There settled here from different areas about 60 years ago in search of a suitable home. Our Lady of Assumption Church is located off M.G Road and was built in 1630. It was one of the ancient churches in Mumbai. The said church was knocked down and a new one built in its place. During Ganesh Chaturthi, the pond at Mandir, Kandivali Township is used for immersions. The famous Kala Hanuman temple is also located on M.G Road. Kala Hanuman temple is visited daily by hundreds of devotees. The Sports Authority of India owns a huge training ground used by Mahindra United which is a popular football team. Football teams like F United and FC Greens also practice here regularly. A very famous handball team, American football team and athletics are also located here.

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