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Juhu is a locality of Mumbai. It is most famous for the extensive Juhu Beach. Arabian sea surrounds it to the west, Vile Parle and Santacruz to the East, Khar to the south and Versova to the North. Juhu is among the wealthiest areas of the city. Juhu is also home to many Bollywood superstars. Santacruz, Vile Parle and Adheri are the nearest railway stations. D.N Nagar is the nearest Metro Station. There are two small B.E.S.T bust stores in Juhu. This is the picture of the current Juhu but very few people know where it all begun.

History of Juhu city

Juhu was an island in the 19th century. It was initially known as ”Juvem” by the Portuguese. On its north, it was inhabited by Agris (salt traders), Bhandaris (toddy tappers) and Kulbis (cultivators). On its south end opposite Bandra isle, lived a small colony of cultivators (Koliwada) and fisher folk. Juhu was mainly inhabited by East Indians and a small section of Goans. Portuguese nationalities built the Church of St. Joseph in 1853. There is a famous statue of Gandhi situated by the beach to mark his visit in Juhu. There is also a lane towards the beach called Gandhigram Road to his respect.

Juhu climate

You can feel free to visit Juhu anytime of the year because its climate is uniform through the year. During summer, the max temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius and the min is 25 degrees Celsius. The weather is pleasing in winter. Monsoons exist from mid June to Sep when it rains quite heavily.

Juhu beach

This is located on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. It stretches for 6 kilometers up to Versova. Juhu Beach is a famous tourist attraction throughout the year. It is also sought for shooting films. Juhu Beach is generally crowded on public holidays and weekends. There is a food court located at its main entrance that serves ‘Mumbai style’ street food like sevpuri, pan puri and bhelpuri. There are also some Horse-pulled carriages that offer joyrides to tourists at a small fee. You will also find acrobats, cricket matches, dancing monkeys and toy sellers who all vie for tourist’s attention. Juhu Beach is most famous for the annual Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Thousands of devotees arrive in grand convoys. They carry idols of the Lord Ganesh of different sizes that is to be immersed in water at the beach.

My drive for the visit

With all the stories about Juhu city, I couldn’t afford to stay for another one more day without having a personal experience. When I go there, I realized half of its beauty has not yet been described yet. When it comes to religion, there are different famous religious places which include; Hare Krishna and Mahalaxmi Temple. St Joseph’s Church and Holy Cross Church are also available for Christians in Juhu. Muslims have also not been left out; Grand Mosque is right opposite Juhu Garden. However many of the religious places are temples like Vittal Rukmani Temple and ChandraPrabhu Jain Temple.

If you are visiting the area for a couple of days, the hotels in Juhu will ensure you get the best services ever. The most famous hotels in Juhu include; Sun-n-Sand Hotel, Ramada Plaza Palm Grove and the Orchid Hotel. We also have Juhu Residency Boutique Hotel, Kings International, Hotel Royal Garden, Juhu Continental among many others. If you are intending to further your studies in India, then you’ll just be spoilt for choice. We have great universities and colleges which include Dr. R N Cooper Municipal Medical College and General Hospital and Mithibai College of Arts. We also have universities like School of science, SVKM’s NMIMS University, Sreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey University among others.

Social life in Juhu city

Juhu has the best friendly and fun loving residents. A single encounter with them is enough to give you an encounter you will live to celebrate. They are welcoming and are always ready to help. Because of the high social class of many residents in the city, almost every person you meet there is literate. Juhu has “Beverly Hills of Bollywood” as its pet name. This is because; most of the famous Bollywood actors and actresses find their roots in Juhu. This and the beautiful Juhu Beach have made Juhu a busy city with tourists throughout the year. One fact however that many fail to point out is the beauty of the female escorts in Juhu. A simple interview with many male tourists will give you the importance of their escorts. Many have confessed to make a single visit to Juhu every year just to have an encounter with their escorts.

My encounter with Juhu escorts

My first day in Juhu was slow and a bit boring. Actually I had so little to enjoy. I wondered what was all this I used to hear about the beauty of Juhu. Nothing seemed to excite me. Then I remembered a friend’s advice of having an escort for a companion. At first I felt confused and wondered where to start. I had never had an encounter with an escort before. Secondly I was in a foreign country and knew no one. I decided to talk to one of the hotel attendants. Her reply was so encouraging and gave me hope once again. She gave me an address of My Escort Angels agency and promised me I can never go wrong with them. I contacted them immediately and gave them a brief description of what I needed. As usual, I went through a process of screening to verify my identity as security normality. After the screening was over, I was now ready to receive my long awaited companion.

What I loved most about High Profile Girls agency is their kindness and politeness. You would just tell how genuine they were just through your first conversation. They were so friendly that I never realized how fast time had moved during our interview. It took me more than one hour to come to an agreement and it seemed like it was just a 5 minutes conversation. This was enough to convince me of the kind of girl I was expecting. If the bosses were that polite, then she must be twice as better. In less than one hour, I heard a soft knock on my door. I hesitated to open because I never expected my girl that fast. On opening the door, I saw a creature I’ve never seen before. This girl was extremely beautiful, neatly dressed, perfectly shaped and an angelic smile. I thought I was dreaming. I almost told her wrong address but she intervened and called out my name with a warm smile on her face.

I don’t remember how long it took me to internalize what I was seeing. I was lost in my mind and got startled by a polite voice asking whether she was welcome. It was the craziest experience I’ve had so far. After close to one hour of confusion and shock, I relaxed and was able to have a clear conversation with her. I was now able to understand why the hotel attendant who gave me their address of High Profile Girls agents was so confident. She promised that I would not regret contacting them and that is exactly how it turned out. Their services are far beyond words. From the reception to the agreement to their girls, everything is spectacular. Just their name indicates, High Profile Girls agency is a haven where these angels live. Female escorts at this agency are true angels. Their beauty is beyond words. A single encounter with one makes you feel like a one year old boy.

My experience with a Juhu escort

We had good times that night. We got to know each other. Talked a bit about our personalities, hobbies and our expectations for the whole time we will be together. It was our first meeting and we were planning to spend a whole week together, so introduction was an important beginning point. I had been given a few guidelines on how to handle an escort, their likes and dislikes and general expectation of a female escort. Therefore, though it was my first time with an escort, I wasn’t so green in it. My companion on the other hand had been in this industry for more than five years and was well experienced.

Juhu escorts are very calm and understanding. She was very patient and polite with me. The fact that it was my first time with an escort and I was in a foreign land wasn’t easy for me. However, she made me feel so much at ease. In a span of two hours, we seemed like we had known each other for years. Because of her expertise in escorting industry, she had a good knowledge of Juhu city. She knew the best places to visit, the best hotels to live in and easiest most comfortable cab services. She made my work so easy. She was more than an escort, she was a true companion I can say.

Services offered by Juhu escorts

There are two types of escorts in Juhu. Independent escorts who work as single entities and those that work through agencies. The services offered by the two are totally different. This is because independent escorts have their individual set rules and regulations. This means, they can adjust them when need be. Independent escorts also receive payments from their clients. For this reason, they can adjust the pay and increase it depending on the services the client’s requests for. However, an escort working under an agency is governed by the agency’s set rules and regulations.

A female escort working through an agency receives clear instructions from the agency of what is expected of her by the client. The client states clear in the agreement what they need their escorts to do for them. There are those who don’t have sex with their clients. It is not possible to request for extra services from a female escort working through an agency other than what was stipulated in the agreement. However, depending on the kind of relationship you’ll have with your escort, she can decide to spoil you. She’s allowed to give an extra package to the client as long as she will be comfortable with it.

Juhu escorts make the best companion you can ever have. Regardless of whether she is an independent or working under agencies, you’ll never regret getting one. They are good at what they do. Whichever sex style you desire, you will never get what is way below your expectations. They are experts in everything. At one point, I was tempted to ask her where she gets their expertise and strength from. Anytime is fun time for her. She ensures you never get bored for the whole time you spend together. It is all laughter and fun from morning to evening. Anywhere you go with her, you are treated like a king. Everyone wants to have a glimpse of her. Men envy you. Just holding her in your arms is enough to take all your worries away. She brings out the heroism in you and makes you feel like a king.

What I had been told was not 30% of what I experienced. An escort in Juhu is a real angel by personality and character. For the five days I spent with my girl, I felt as if the whole world revolved around me. She made me forget all my worries and brought out the best in me. If feeling disappointed or going through tough times in life, going for a female escort in Juhu will serve you right. Actually two hours spent with her is much more precious and rewarding than visiting a counselor. Many of them are learned people and have great experience in life. Therefore, other than the escort services she offers you she is able to reason with you and give sound advice. If all you need is for someone to listen and understand you, then a female escort is the best answer. She has all the time in the world to listen to you and give you all the love you need.