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Goregaon is a village in the Mumbai city. Goregaon was initially a middle-class residential neighborhood. However, it is now turning to be a wealthy suburb. Two famous film studios Film City and Filmistan are located here. The village was sparsely populated until the late 1970s. it began to change with residential regions that sprung up. These localities include; Bangur Nagar, Unnat Nagar Vibhag 1 to 4, Motilal Nagar, Jawahar Nagar and Sree Nagar. Others include; siddharth Nagar, Piramal Nagar, Best Colony, Madina Manzil and Mahesh Nagar in the west, Jaiprakash Nagar and Pandurang Wadi in the east. The Western Express Highway was effectively the eastern boundary of the village. It separated Aarey Milk Colony from Goregaon. Aarey Milk Colony spread over a vicinity of 1,287 hectares. It was established 1949 houses 32 cattle farms, a nursery, gardens, an observation pavilion, lakes, milk plants and picnic facilities.

The housing boom of 1980s saw expansion in provisions of population density and real estate. Newer areas such as Gokuldham, Dindoshi, Oberoi Garden City, Amritvan, Saibaba Complex and many more were built on the East. On the West the development hubs were Lokhandwala Complex which now known as a separate suburb, Bangur Nagar and Link Road. Goregaon East besides the above is home to New Dindoshi which is a recently developed area. It consists of the NNP (Nagari Nivara Parishad), a housing design for the lesser middle class.

There are more than thirty thousand people living in Nagari Nivara Parishad, distributed between two zones. Oberoi Garden City is spread across eighty acres and has started developing recently next to Saibaba Complex. It includes Oberoi Mall which is the 2nd Starbucks coffee shop operating in Mumbai. Westin Hotel and its offices are also located in Goregaon. There many other business and residential towers being developed in Goregaon. Gokuldham High School and Yashodham High School are built in Goregaon East. St Thomas High School is the oldest English intermediate school located in Goregaon East.


The transport center of Goregaon is Goregaon Railway Station. This railway station currently has 5 platforms. One new podium for harbor line which is the only one available at Goregaon Railway Station is being expanded. The expansion is being done as a branch of the Harbor Line wing (under MUTP 2) from Andheri. The expansion involves an elevated deck and two additional platforms with passenger amenities (this is being done on the western end of the existing station). The project is expected to complete by 2017. A recently built sky walk connects S.V. Road near city centre with one of the foot-over-bridges. S.V Road is a shopping complex close to the M.G Road junction. BEST has bus stations on the eastern as well as the western end of the railway station. However, Goregaon Depot is located on the Link Road away from the railway station.

There’s a new flyover bridge now at Ram Mandir road that connects Goregaon West and East. Ram Mandir railway station is also operational since December 2016. Goregaon Mulund Link Road (GMLR) is going to be the next significant transport project for Goregaon. It is going to be a 5km underground road that will consist of two tunnels each with three lanes.

Goregaon’s brief history

What currently referred to as Goregaon Suburb is a collection of four villages. These villages are; Goregaon, Aarey, Pahadi and Eksar. It got the Goregaon Railway station in 1862. Goregaon was among the four railway stations between Grant Road and Borivali and was referred to as Pahadi or Pare. The BMC market close to Goregaon West railway station is to date known as Topiwala Market.

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