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The Queens of Chembur

Chembur is an Aagri locality based in East Mumbai, India. It is believed the name Chembur was derived from the word Chimboree. Chimboree is a Marathi word which means “Largee Crab.” This might be because the British could not pronounce the word Chimboree. Chembur lies in the parliamentary constituency of Mumbai South Central it used to be in the constituency of Mumbai North East before delimitation in 2008. This is when it was moved to Parliamentary Constituency of Mumbai South Central. Shiv Sena’s Rahul Shewale enters into the history of Mumbai South Central Constituency as one among its Members of Parliament. Mr. Prakash Vaikunth Phatepekar on the other hand has entered into the history of Legislative Assembly of Chembur of the Shiv Sena.

Chembur is the hold of the M Ward Offices. The M Ward ranges from Tansa Pipe Line No. 2 found on the West to Thane Creek on the East, and from Mahul Creek on the South to Somaiyya Nalla in the North. It is surrounded by the localities of Deonar, Mahul, Kuria, Ghatkopar, Govandi and Chunabhatti. In Chembur, we observe a marine alluvium-type of soil. Towards the south we have north-south running basalt hills. The colonies in Chembur are Tilak Nagar, Pestom Sagar, Gaothan, Charai Village, RCF Colony, BPCL, and many more.

Chembur Transport

There are different modes of transport in Chembur which include; taxicabs, auto-rickshwas, NMMT buses, BEST buses, and trains. We have NMMT AC Volvo buses operating from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai and vice versa. One of the stations of Mumbai Suburban Harbor Lineis located in Chembur. Suburban trains bound for Andheri, Mumbai CST and Panvel run through the day. The Lokmanya Tilak Terminus used for long travel trains is located nearby. One of the terminuses of Line 1 of Mumbai Monorail which was opened in February 2014 is located in Chembur. Some of the arterial roads of Chembur include; VN Purag Marg, Dayanand Saraswati Marg, Station Avenue Road, R C Marg, Sion Panvel Highway and Eastern Express Highway. Chembur is a road passage point for people using the Mumbai-Pune Expressway or the Mumbai-Pune Highway to travel to Pune.

The Eastern Freeway provides fast access to South Mumbai using 13-km-long elevated expressway. Chembur is connected to Santa Cruz by the SCLR (Santa Cruz Chembur Link Road). Stretching from Sion Panvel Highway to Chembur Railway Station is Dayanand Saraswati Marg stretches. This was formerly and commonly known as Central Avenue Road. It is mainly lined with shade trees and residential complexes on both sides. The height of the road in 2008 was raised and supplied with a sidewalk. The `Central Avenue Road has become a prime area in Chembur. This road is essential because it connects the Chembur Railway Station (an important mode of transport) to most of Chembur West. Chembur residents are also connected to downtown Mumbai by the Ambedkar Garden bus depot found in Central avenue road. It also has medical shops, hospitals various commercial establishments, eateries and most important Chembur Railway Police Station is found on this route.

Chembur’s economy

Chembur is home to many industries and retail outlets. The Chembur market area near Chembur railway station provides goods and services which range from foods, clothing and vegetables. It has multi-product stores, factory outlets and a shopping mall.

Chembur’s Recreation

Chembur has open public places like: Annbhau Sathe Garden, Gandthi Maidan, Diamond Garden, Sandu Gardenand Ambedkar Udyan. We also have Jawahar grounds and Tilak Nagar grounds (Sahyadri and Municipal Ground) where people conduct sports activities and events. The above are also sites of morning recreational activities. Chembur has recreational clubs beside Gymkhanas, municipal swimming pool, it has fitness gyms and centers. It also has libraries and some Sports club like Kreeda Sankul. In RCF Colony, some grounds offers jogging tracks for individuals to exercise.

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