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There is no one who is not awestruck by the glamour and contrast of serenity that Bandra has to offer. Many of us are only recognize Bandra as a fresh, happening place and we all want a part of it. However, that is not where Bandra begun at.

The History of Bandra

Bandra is a neighborhood situated in West Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra India. It is a lavish locality and a home to many powerful personalities involved in cricket, Bollywood and Indian politics as well. The name ‘Bandra’ is a possible adaptation of a Persian word (Urdu). This is described as a city, a port, a trading twon and an emporium where a number of foreign traders resort. Bandra is known as Vandre in Marathi which also means ‘port’ which is also derived from the same Persian/Urdu word. In the 12th century it was under the rule of Silhara dynasty. It was a small fishing village populated by farmers and Kolis (fishermen). Bandra was purchased by the British East India Corporation and the rest of Mumbai was owned by Portuguese.

There are several tourist attraction sites in the area the most famous one being the Bandra Worli Sea Link. Undeniably, this Sea Link is a blend of natural splendor and man-made marvel. The salty sea breeze runs through your hair as you whizz past this bridge. With this simple history of Bandra it gives you a simple picture of the luxurious life there. Bandra has also been known for the kindness of its residents. Bandra residents are among the kindest and loving community in Mumbai. They are very welcoming and polite. A visit to Bandra is a must for people from all walks of life. If in need of a companion, you’ll also not be disappointed because they are among the best escorts in Mumbai. If stranded on getting the best escort, High Profile Girls agency have your back covered. We have the best high class escorts in Bandra with diverse characteristics and expertise. Below are a few characteristics of Bandra high class escorts.

They are intelligent

Many people out there wonder why someone would hire a woman and so expensively for just a single night. Others question what is special with escorts that give them the luxury of sleeping in luxurious hotels. They argue that you can easily go for a cheap prostitute and get all you want with just a few dollars. What they don’t understand is that many of the men who come to them are not in need of sex. They want to spend time with an intelligent woman. A woman who is aware of what is happening in the world around her. They don’t just need sex but someone they can be able to reason with. Men are looking for a woman who can listen to them and offer sound advice. For this reason, many high class escorts in Bandra are learned people.

For those men who are feeling like they have given up in life and there’s no hope for them, Bandra female escort might be all you need. She is an expert in bed and a good counselor at the same time. A Bandra female escort gives you a heaven-bound experience that you will live to remember.

Looks and character

Sexiness is much more than how you look in language of beauty. It is more about how you conduct yourself and in the effect you leave on the people you have an encounter with. It is a combination of character, looks and style that qualifies you as a high class female escort in Bandra. At High Profile Girls agency, we are always recruiting ladies that fall between 21 and 45 years. Those women who have a well proportioned figure with a sparkling character that intrigues people. They should also be able to take care of themselves and have a high interest in the world and other people. High class female escorts are very expensive, for that reason, our clients are always looking for something worth their money. A high class escort must offer services far above a normal escort. This explains the scarcity of high class escorts in Bandra.

Experience and Skills

To start as a high class escort, you do not necessarily have to be experienced in this business. In fact, there are clients who appreciate having an escort who is not that experienced. Character, style and sexiness are the most important. If you have that to begin with, you’ll get experience along the way. At High Profile Girls agency, we have a number of sessions to train you on everything you need to know. These include temptation skills, total service and etiquette in accordance to our company values. In addition to that, we support sharing experience both from the agency to you and also from other High Profile Girls high class escorts to each other.

With the right kind of attitude and a teachable spirit, you gain a lot of experience within a short period of time. There are clients who specifically request for inexperienced companions because they want to try out something new with them. An inexperienced escort also makes them feel in control as they guide them on what to do. This however doesn’t mean that we do not have experienced escorts. High Profile Girls agency is the best when it comes to offering experienced high-class Bandra escorts. They give you such a nice encounter that will make you wish for more.

Availability and procedures

To work at High Profile Girls agency, you don’t have to be available 24/7. High class escorts works the times and days that suit them best. This might even diverge from week to week. As a client, this gives you a chance to evaluate yourself and know which time suits you best to be with your companion. Escorts working at My Escorts Angels agency have the benefit of determining their own flexible working hours. Many of them have other careers they are pursuing or are pursuing a study besides their job as high class escorts. They also take time to be with their families and join in other social activities to relax and unwind.

Many female escorts in Bandra have learnt the secret that their success is not so much based on how much time they work. Your success as an escort is basically determined by the quality of services you offer to your clients. Actually working for many hours in a day drains you and leaves you emotionally unstable. For this reason, we encourage our escorts to have a programmed working schedule. This diversity and flexibility makes their life exciting. They also have time to share experiences with other escorts during their free time. There is no unhealthy competition among our escorts; therefore, information is shared freely. If you need to have a threesome with loving girls who respect and value each other and live like sisters, then High Profile Girls is the place to be. They work as a team which gives our customers easy time when dealing with them. For those desiring to have escort services at Bandra with a jovial girl who is full of life, visit High Profile Girls agency. We ensure we deliver better than our clients’ expectations. Our girls always aim at ensuring their clients’ leave with a smile.

Their values and how they work

The values of many high class escorts either working under agencies or those working as independent are the center of how they do their business. For them to be successful, they have to be persuaded of these values. One of the major common values is transparency to their customers. They are very transparent in terms of price and procedures, absolute professionalism, optimal service with a personal touch. They always believe in making a king out of their clients. When it comes to independent female escorts in Bandra, they are stricter and adhere to a set of rules. This is mostly to ensure their safety since they don’t have a backing by an agency. However, I’d say they are better because they are not restricted to any rules and regulations.

Many tourists in Bandra are amazed by the discipline of these high class escorts. They use a very polite language and are not easily provoked. No matter how much you try, you will never get her to her boiling point. They handle every situation calmly and even when they disagree with you, they will do so with respect. High class escorts at Bandra have raised the bar for other escorts. Not only by the way they serve their clients but also in the way they handle themselves. Dignitaries visiting Bandra are always looking forward to having an encounter with one of the escorts. They are not termed as high class just because of the clientele they handle or the money they get paid, but also for the quality of their services. They exhibit the characteristic of a higher social class. They are refined and elegant. A single encounter with high class Bandra escorts will be enough for you to agree that she deserves to be where she is. She handles herself with dignity but they are also down to earth and easy to get along with.

Their pricing

A female escort gets paid hourly and not necessarily for the services they offer. However, if expected to perform tasks that are outside their restrictions, the client might be expected to add more on the ordinary pay. Many Bandra female escorts are affordable. Not that they price themselves cheaply, but because what they charge and the services offered are incomparable. They give you such good services that makes you appreciate having an encounter with them. As indicated earlier, an escort’s price is discussed in their agreement before she even meets her client. The duration of their meeting and the services to be offered are also stipulated in the agreement. This ensures a fair agreement and the client is usually given an opportunity to cancel the date if not comfortable.

However there is a grace period for cancelling the date. If you cancel it the last minute, you risk losing your deposit because you have inconvenienced the escort. Escorts working under agencies don’t receive any payment from their clients but rather it is paid to the agency directly. Some agencies also take the task of negotiating their escort’s price. All what the escort is expected to do is to appear, serve the client then leave. However, the client can decide to give an appreciation token to the escort if pleased with the service offered. An independent escort however operates differently. She negotiates her price with the client and agrees on the mode of payment all by herself. They rarely accept cash unless it is from a regular client that they know and trust.

Difference between an ordinary escort and a high class escort

Just as the name suggests, high class escorts are high above the ordinary escort. They might be offering the same services in the same hotel but they are treated totally different. One of the major differences is their pricing. An ordinary Bandra female escort receives peanuts compared to what a high class escort receives. High class escort also works for few hours than ordinary escort. Another major difference is the clientele they handle. High-class escorts handle sophisticated clientele and dignitaries. They deal with men from a high social class. Most of the prominent people go for high class escorts.

Although they offer similar services, a high class escort might be expected to take up more responsibility for their clients. They are rarely hired for sexual satisfaction. Many of high-class escorts are learned people to fit in the circle of their clientele. They mostly hired for companionship and self exploration. However, no matter the class of escort you hire, all Bandra escorts have the same values. Their main aim in their job is to have a satisfied client. If you want to explore the world of fun and sex then fix a date with an escort in Bandra. You will never regret your decision.